Sunday, July 7, 2013

Watch Diya Aur Baati Hum July 8 Episode Online FREE

Lastly, he marries her to Sooraj Rathi, son of Arun and Santosh Rathi, who comes from an ignorant close relatives. Sooraj lifestyles with his three friends, Vikram, Mohit and Chhavi, his mother and father and his sister-in-law, Meenakshi. Ankur can be found to Sandhya that Sooraj is an MBA and a govt formal whereas the fact is that Suraj is only a 9th conventional successfully pass and a sweet-maker. From here, follows Sooraj and Sandhya's heartwarming tale of really like, motivation and knowing. Sooraj allows Sandhya finish her knowledge and satisfy her desire of becoming an IPS Official. sooraj satisfies all the goals of sandhya.